Investo in Senegal: the call to the Senegalese diaspora to do business

There is time until May 31st to submit your application to the project coordinated by Amref Health Africa Onlus-Italia, with up to 30 thousand euros up for grabs for those who want to invest in their country of origin.

DiElisa Mariani

Mag 24, 2021

The opportunity to see your idea supported and subsidized – with a contribution ranging from a minimum of 5 thousand euros to a maximum of 30 thousand – for at least fifty Senegalese entrepreneurs or startuppers who live in Italy and want to do business in the Senegalese regions of Dakar, Diourbel, Kaolack, Louga, Saint Louis and Thiès. That’s what’s at stake if you apply to the call “Investo in Senegal”, which is due to close on 31st May.

Aimed at all Senegalese citizens who have turned 18 and live in Italy and Europe, the call is funded by Aics Dakar (Italian Agency for Development Cooperation) as part of the Plasepri/Pasped program, part of the “Fonds Fiduciaire d’Urgence de l’Union Européenne pour l’Afrique”. The idea is to promote the development of the Senegalese socio-economic fabric through the enhancement of the talents of the diaspora who are determined to invest in their country of origin and create jobs in the private sector. With the statistics in hand, in Italy alone there are about 106,000 Senegalese citizens, who make up the twelfth-biggest non-EU immigrant community in size.

The coordination of the project “Investo in Senegal” is entrusted to Amref Health Africa Onlus-Italia, with the collaboration of CNA, Ecipa Foundation, Le Réseau Association, Lvia, Oeds Association (Organization of Emigrants for the Development of Senegal), MODED Association (Mouvement des etudiants de la diaspora), Idos Study and Research Centre, Ndaari Network and Punto.sud Foundation.

How to participate

Applications can be submitted by 31st May through the dedicated website and will be examined by a committee of experts appointed by the project partners who will assess their relevance and sustainability. Once this first selection has been completed, the entrepreneurs of the seventy selected projects will have the opportunity to attend training courses for the development of their business plan in Milan and Naples – whose consulates are the nerve centers of the project. The Plasepri/Pasped compliance committee will then choose the fifty winners of the call.

Translated by Adam Clark

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